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Traditional regimental ties

The list of traditional British regimental neckties is quite long. Regimental striped ties not only exist in the military, but also many private clubs and associations.

Some well known striped regimental ties:

East Yorkshire Striped Regimental necktieRoyal Army regimental necktieRoyal Tank regiment necktieLight Infantry striped regimental tieRoyal Army Medical Corps Regimental necktieRoyal Corps of Transport Regimental tie

From top left to bottom right: East Yorkshire regimental striped necktie, Royal army striped regimental necktie, Royal tank regiment striped necktie, British light infantry regimental striped necktie, Royal army medical corps striped regimental necktie, Royal corps of transport striped regimental necktie.

Crested Regimental neckties (regimental neckties with logos instead of regimental colors):

Crested regimental neckties were first introduced in 1918 when the British Royal Navy was formed. Using the Jacquard loom weaving technique made it possible to weave intricate logos directly into the delicate fabric of the necktie. After 1918, may British Military regiments had more than one necktie design: Striped regimental tie, crested (with logo) regimental tie, or a combination of both.

Crested regimantal necktie royal marineParachute Regiment necktieRoyal tank regiment necktieRoyal army service tie

From top left to bottom right: Royal marine commandos regimental necktie, British Parachute regiment tie, Royal Tank Regiment necktie, Royal Army Service Corps necktie.

Regimental neckties with both: Regiment colors in the diagonal stripes as well as the appropriate logo.

Striped ties with regiment colorsRoyal Signals regimental striped tie

From left to right: Scots guard regimental striped tie, Royal signals regiment striped tie.