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Modern striped ties

After the first world war the demand grew for striped ties. Besides the taditional regimental neckties men were looking for more and new colors. Many silk weavers started to produce striped silk fabrics in more colors, and differnt striping patterns to please the growing demand.

Even today, striped ties are still one of the most popular tie designs. Especially British, Irish and Italian Brand name necktie designers use stripes in the collections. Frech designers on the other hand typically use tiny imprinted patterns and motifs of tiny animals, sea shells, diamnds shades, and so on. The diagonal stripe from top right to bottom left (when facing the tie) is the most common design. American designers on the other hand mostly have the stripe on the tie going the other way: From top left to bottom right (when facing the necktie).

British and Irish necktie manufacturers typiucally stay within the classic necktie design: Classic stripes, conservative colors of burgundy red, nay blue, forest green, and mustard yellow are most common. The silk fabric used also is typically a little more on the dull and less shiny side.

Itialian designers on the other hand typically create striped ties that are more flashy. Brighter colors and shiny silk fabric is common in Italian striped neckties. In addition the stripe often times gets much more structure and patterns that are woven intricatly into the fabric.

Italian designer striped tieModern Italian designer tie

Modern retro skinny neckties with stripes:

In recent years the skinny necktie has made a comeback in the fashion world. The skinny necktie was first introduced in the 60s. Today, the most popular skinny neckties are solid colors. Solid colored black, silver bright red and sage green skinny ties are some of the most popular narrow neckties.

Besides the solid color skinny ties, many designers combine the preppy look of the classic regimental ties found in British boarding schools, with the skinny tie. Traditional striped patterns are often matched with embroidered logos, giving the skinny tie a very preppy look harmonizing a long British tradition with the hipster “retro look” of the 60s.

skinny striped tie narrow striped necktie

Neckties with horizontal stripes

With the come-back of the “retro-look” of the skinny tie, other striping patterns, originally found in the 60s are now back in style. Many designers create skinny ties, especially knitted skinny ties, with horizontal striping patterns. The horizontal stripes work quite well on narrow ties. On regualr sized ties (about 3.25″ to 4″ in width at the widest part) don’t harmonize well with horizontal stripes as they make the tie look to wide and out of proportion.

knitted skinny ties with horizontal stripes