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How to match striped ties

When matching ties to a dress shirt and suit, there are three things you should consider:

  1. The colors
  2. The patterns
  3. The occasion

The colors:

Us men have it relatively easy when it comes to maching colors in our formal wardrobe. The majority of suits are either black, a shade of gray, or blue - all colors that match quite easily with most dress shirts and ties. As a general rule, create some contrast in your color combination between light and dark colors. The contrast should be harmonious and not distrurbing to the eye. A charcoal gray suit for example typically is not worn with a black dress shirt. A light gray suit on the other hand would match quite well with a black dress shirt. The safest bet is always a white or light blue dress shirt.

The patterns:

Since the colors of suits and shirts in the male wardrobe is quite limited to a few basic colors, many designers offer different and unique patterns in their shirts and suits. The most classic patterns are striped shirts and pin-striped suits. Checkered shirts, or suits made from a basket-weave fabric are also quite fashionable. As a general rule: Match patterns that are not too similar in shape and (most importantly) size. A pin-striped suit can be well matched with a shirt having slightly wider stripes.

Matching a tie to a striped shirt is by many viewed as a comlicated task, but it actually is quite simple. For dummies: Pick a single colored tie! If you want to be a little more bold, pick a tie that has a different pattern than your shirt and suit, but has colors that harmonize with the outfit. The general rule still applies: Wide striped necktie with narrow striped shirt and vice versa. If you match differnt patterns (such as checkered shirt with striped necktie), then make sure that the size of the pattern is different. Otherwise wearing pattersn too similar in size can be quite irritationg to the eye.

The occasion:

Striped neckties look great for most occasions. Striped ties are popular especially for business attire - they are classy, combine easily, are usually not too flashy, and are simply sold almost everywhere. For formal events such as weddings, or black tie events, striped ties are a little out of place. For formal attire, the bow tie is on top of the list, followed by single colored ties (black, white and silver solid colored ties being the most formal).